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Cooking and Fishing

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Fishing and cooking are secondary skills that don't take up your two profession spots. You don't have to do fishing and cooking together but it's a good idea because it's easy to level up one another together. If you plan on using cooking a lot it's a good idea to have fishing because a lot of the recipes you will probably want to use require fish derived from fishing. On the other hand, if you are fishing you might as well take on cooking to do something with all the fish you are catching.

Fishing Tips
In order to reduce the number of "get aways" you need to use lures and +fishing items to temporarily raise your fishing skill so that you have a higher fishing level. "Get aways" are not only annoying but also a waste of time since only a successful catch will increase your fishing skill.

Lures: It's extremely important to use lures throughout this guide. In fact there are many spots in this guide (and even in game after you reach 375) that cannot be fished without the use of a lure.

I recommend using the highest level lure that you can while you use this guide. Lures are commonly found at fishing supply vendors and other trade vendors. To use lures you simply right click one and left click your fishing pole to apply it. Below is a chart of lures.

+Fishing Gear: It's also a good idea to use any +fishing gear that you can while you are fishing; however, it's not a requirement. I recommend at least buying a "Strong Fishing Pole" which is equipable after you reach level 10 fishing skill and will increase you fishing by +5. This item is found at many fishing supply vendors.

Leveling: If you have never fished before you might find the following information useful. When you first start fishing you will skill up just about every single successful catch; however, the higher you skill up the more catches it will take to get a single skill up. By the end of the guide you need over ten successful catches just to gain one skill point.

Cooking Tips
Cooking is fairly simply and the only tip I have is to buy "Flint and Tinder" and a couple stacks of "Simple Wood" from a general goods vendor so that you can make campfires and cook your fish over the fires. This will eliminate the need for you to run into cities and towns to cook your fish.

Recipes and Skillbooks:

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