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[PvE] Unholy DPS

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1 [PvE] Unholy DPS on Mon Jul 27, 2015 11:37 pm


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Welcome to the deathly ill, sickeningly dark world of the Unholy Death Knight.  Bound to diseases, a kinsmanship with the shadows and the undead, and a thirst for death - this is the Unholy Death Knight.  For those that say we can't compete with those frigid and unruly Frost Death Knights, not only do I spit on thee, but I condemn yee to be my ghoul for eternity!

Regardless of what may be said, a well-played is more than enough competition for any Frost specced dk.  With our immense focus on diseases and shadow damage, the only thing stopping you is not reading on.

I'll start with the talent build needed to be amazing.
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Now since this is specifically for Eternal, there is one glyph I deem completely necessary since the other one doesn't work.
Glyph of Disease
Glyph of Icy Touch
Glyph of the Ghoul
Minor Glyph of Horn of Winter

Relentless Earthsiege Diamond.  My reasoning being that 21 agi adds more than a pure 21 crit does to overall dps.
Gem pure str except to match the socket bonuses which would be
+10 str/+10 crit (orange)
+10 str/+15 stamina (purple)
+20 str
Aside from that there is nothing needed

Now on to the rotation and essnetial self buffs and etc
1) Summon your ghoul
2) Cast Bone Shield
3) Horn of Winter
4) Blood Presence (as of 3.3.5 this is the best choice)
There 3 always need to be, the exception being during an encounter where the AoE damage is too high for your ghoul to survive.  Do not fret for he won't be a majority of your dps.

Icy Touch> Plague Strike>Blood Strike>Blood Strike>Scourge Strike>Scourge Strike>Pestilence(disease refresher)>Death Coil>Death Coil

However I follow this rotation almost to the tee.  I do not use death coil unless I have the runic power at 40 because I like to let Unholy Blight do some damage between Rune Cooldowns.  Save your Gargoyle for that Bloodlust however.  And keep Horn of Winter/Bone Shield up.

As of patch 3.3.5, Unholy tend to like a little armor penetration thus answering the question - is DBW for me?
Yes, yes it is.  Our main damage source is diseases and shadow damage so to enhance this, we strive for

1) Slow two-handed weapon (Ramaldani's Blade of Culling works nicely)
    a.  No Bryntoll is not a better choice, it lacks the expertise which is crucial
2) Gear with haste OR armor penetration work, critical is suggested as well.  Really any of those 3 or a combination won't make or break your dps.  PLATE ONLY
3) The Emblem of Triumph sigil is in my opinion the BiS since the EoF one requires multiple hits to stack
4) DBW+Whispering Fanged Skull are a nice combo, if DBW is not possible at the moment, get Death's Verdict or the vote trinket (only 15 points) works well

Hit cap= 263= 8%
Expertise cap= 26
Strength= 1 str= 2 ap
Crit= more crit and higher chance for wandering plague
Armor pentration= self explanatory
Haste= faster swings= ghoul receives 100% of your haste
Anything after these is unsavory

Some tips:
1)For those AoE heavy magic fights, feel free to throw in a Magic Shell for a few extra seconds of dps
2)For Multiple target fights like LDW, IT>PS>Pestilence>DnD for optimal dps
3)For Saurfang, focus on him alone, wandering plague will do the rest, but throw in a pestilence, you have to anyway
4) Save your gargoyle for bloodlust
5) keep your buffs up always

In closing, anyone can play Unholy, and it can match and or surpass Frost depending on the players in question.  Don't let those Frost DKs sway you to the side of the cold, dual wielding pansies.  For more questions post here and let me know if I have missed anything.  
~Even in death will shall not part~

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